Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The Circus is Back in Town


The democrat circus train will be arriving soon. On board, there's Ted Kennedy, Robert "KKK" Byrd, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy "San Franciso Values" Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and many other entertaining animals. We shall see what quality legislation this bunch brings to town.

One positive side effect of the election is the shooting down of the conspiracy theories by the "black helicopter" democrats. Here's a list.

1. "Republicans are redrawing district lines around the country, making it nearly impossible for democrats to win." Have we forgotten the Texas democrats pouting and running across the border when they didn't get what they want?

2. "Big media corporations in the back pocket of republicans are dominating the airwaves. They are suppressing the left and democrats." In the age of the internet, this is the most ridiculous statement. They point to the success of Fox News and Clear Channel as evidence while ignoring ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, just about every newspaper, and on and on. Of course, my ultra-liberal brother claims the NY Times is a conservative newspaper. LOL!

3. "Karl Rove is manipulating the election machines. The republicans are in bed with Diebold. They are installing viruses which cast artificial votes for republicans." Of course, we know with democrats, the only time there are voting irregularities or voter suppression is when they lose. They began laying the ground work before the polls even closed with reports of machine failures and even rain threatening democrat voter turnout. Where are the cries about every vote counting now? Karl, retest that virus.

I'm sure I'm missing a few. The Digg daily top links for election day was filled with references to conspiracy stories. Liberals have effectively used fear tactics, scaring voters with horror stories about what republicans and conservatives are doing to you. They claim fear tactics are illicit unless they are the ones using them. (Are we seeing a recurring theme here?)

Americans say they wanted to vote in change. The change is going to come in the form of gridlock, investigations after investigations, investigations of investigations. Have I not made it clear they are going to want to nail Bush on something?

The loss of control of the house and maybe the senate is disappointing, but there are other losses, ballot initiatives, that concern me more. Cloning and killing people for parts in Missouri. South Dakota abortion ban failed. Arizona rejected gay marriage ban. "Grr" on all counts.

On the plus side, republicans did well in Texas. Rick Perry will remain our governor. Republicans claimed many victories in local races. A surprise democrat victory is Watkins(D) beating Shook(R). Shook is better qualified and had a much larger war chest. Race obviously played a part. The city of Dallas has a strong black vote. Ask Laura Miller who failed to increase the power of the office of mayor when a strong black vote turn out and turned her down.

 A broken clock is right twice a day. This is one of those moments. Celebrate democrats. You got 1 election out of the 3 you predicted that would go your way. Not a stellar record, but you do have a win today.

For the rest of us, enjoy the carnival for the next 2 years. Let's look forward to 2008. I hope a Newt Gingrich or Tom Delay rises from the ashes and provides strong party leadership with conservative values.

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