Thursday, February 11, 2010


Bush vs. Obama on Privacy

Bush wanted to tap international phone calls between the U.S. and terrorists overseas without a warrant. There was outrage. As a follow-up, the Supreme Court never shot down Bush's program when it was challenged. In addition, the practice was formalized again in the Protect America Act of 2007, United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review found nothing unconstitutional with the act. What this means is that while Obama expressed his outrage over the practice and won some votes on that sentiment, he has no problem using what Bush has put in place.

Now, news has come out that the Obama administration is tapping domestic cell phone calls without warrants. What is the rationale for this cell phone tracking without warrants? The Obama administration has said cell phone users should have no "reasonable expectation of privacy." Where's the outrage? If warrantless international phone tapping was enough reason to initiate the desires of some to impeach President Bush, what is this?

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