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What I Found on 01-16-07

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Just Reading the News - 01-05-06

A 10 year old hangs himself after watching on TV a video of a noose going around Saddam's neck. The uncle asks the question of why they would show such a video on TV. Valid question to ask. Giving the lower standards the FCC is placing on the news, it's no wonder the media exercises no scruples when broadcasting a rushed execution of Saddam. However, the larger question to ask the uncle is "Who let the kid watch the hanging?!"

There is the disturbing story of parents putting their daughter through the chop shop to keep her a girl. A sentence caught my eye. "Afflicted with a severe brain impairment known as static encephalopathy, she cannot walk, talk, keep her head up in bed or even swallow food." In memory of Terry Shiavo, who more than likely could swallow her food and even lift her head, they should go ahead and terminate the life of their daughter. To maintain our moral grounds, make sure the death sentence is an order from the government. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

The democrats are in power now. Senators Harry Reid and Tom Harkin are excited about introducing their federal funding of embryonic research. The bill will hit the floor soon. Americans continue to be forced to pay for activities they find morally reprehensible. Look. The robots of the Matrix may have used our unborn to better their lives, but that doesn't mean we should do the same. If this endeavor is as profitable to mankind as they promise, private funding should be pouring in. We don't need to federally fund this. If anything, fund something that works, adult stem cells.

Thank you Rush for bringing this to our attention. It seems America is in a quagmire. We are doomed. This nation will collapse because we cannot deal with freedom. I base this conclusion on the fact the left has told us the same about Iraq due to number of deaths there. A blogger has crunched some numbers and made an interest discovery. Based on the worst number of fatalities for 2006 in Iraq, it seems a number of American cities have fared worse per capita. Time to raise the white flag in America?

I enjoy reading the site The Truth About Cars. Their writing style has a biting and sarcastic humor about it. At TRAC, they like to predict things, mainly the demise of American automakers. Their predictions seem a bit off. It all began with a GM death watch which has its latest article numbered at 105. Since the GM death watch began, they have added a Ford death watch and a Chrysler suicide watch. They are predicting the permanent fall of three car makers. No idea when, just some time in the future. That's a tall order and certainly compromises any prophetic visions they may have wanted us to take seriously.

More guns, less crime. So says the NRA. I wouldn't expect the NRA to say otherwise, but this sort of analysis isn't new. I am sure economics also plays a role in these statistics. Overall, I think there's some truth in the statement "more guns, less crime."

They're bored in Russia. A gentleman has made a 3.3ft replica of the Eiffel Tower using 7,464 matches. The detail is very impressive. It must have provided him hours of entertainment. For Russia, building models with matches is probably one of the most affordable sources of entertainment.

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