Thursday, July 26, 2007


Random Findings - 07/26/07

In the continuing slow shrinking significance of standard media delivery forms, i.e. cable and satellite, ABC is now offering some of their shows in HD quality online for free. Lost is one of the best OTA HDTV shows I've seen. Too bad the online version is not full 1080 HD video, but it is good nonetheless.

Logitech has introduced a new ergonomic keyboard. It seems to break from the notion you need to split the keyboard or implement other designs that require re-learning the keyboard. I would be interested in giving the keyboard a test. Ride the wave!

Microsoft has lowered the price of the XBOX 360 HD-DVD player by a lousy $20. Given Sony's $100 PS3 drop and Toshiba's HD-DVD player drops, the Microsoft price cut seems pale. Microsoft's move solidifies what I think Microsoft's position is with HD-DVD. They don't care if it fails. The price drop should have been down to $125 at least.

Apparently, Oscar the cat can predict patients death. Not sure yet if using the cat is considered assisted suicide or simply the luck of the draw. In any case, stay away from me!

Sony and Denon have announced some nice new receivers. These things just keep more and more high tech with features like ethernet and WiFi connectivity, remote configuration, GUI screens, and more.

Chrysler makes an impressive move, lifetime powertrain warranty! Hey Ford, now THAT is a "Bold Move." Congrats on your profit anyway.

Friday, July 13, 2007


No, no. Movies imitate real life.

We've been told time and time again how people don't imitate the movies. The movies are a reflection of real life. Here is a proof positive Hollywood is disconnected from the real world.

Drudge ran a story about a young child on video seemingly high on ecstasy. The older kids in the video were egging the young child on. Drudge has posted an update to the story which you can watch here. The mother says the girl was imitating a scene from "The Grudge 2." But that is impossible. Hollywood media companies have been claiming there is no connection between art and imitation (Afraid of legal culpability?).

The only ground I see Hollywood able to stand on is the fact the movie was rated PG-13. What was the mother thinking letting someone so young see such a movie?

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