Thursday, February 15, 2007


Fantastic Display

It looks like Minority Report is becoming reality. Here is a demonstration of an outstanding computer display.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

Yahoo has a site to preview their upcoming Messenger for Windows Vista. It's a new version, built from the ground up for Vista. It has some very impressive new features. One of my pet peeves have been addressed, window management! Get into a conversation with 2 or more people, and the chat windows begin pile up. With the Vista version, you can dock chat windows into a tabbed interface.

There is a video available at the site which demonstrates many new features. A lot of these have been enabled by Windows Vista UI technology. This is the first application I've seen that I want to use because of Vista specific features.

The beta is not due for probably a couple of more months. You can subscribe to a notification list at the preview site.


Just Reading the News - 02-02-06

Religious Diversity
Liberals are ecstatic about the news of China making a rare criticism of the U.S., especially George Bush. What's China's beef? According to the atheistic government, Bush and America should respect religious diversity. In other news, Tibetan Buddhists were tortured by Chinese security. And in a display of respect for religious diversity, China continues thumb its nose at the Vatican and run its own version of the Catholic Church. Catholics obedient to the chair of St. Peter continue services underground in fear of losing their lives. Thanks for the lesson China!

Bill Gates
This is an interesting interview with Bill Gates. His responses are not over the top or in your face. He does address the silly Apple commercials where a PC is presented by an overweight lame-o. I guess Apple's advertising is some what paying off. Last year, Apple's user base went to a whopping 4.7%! Steve Jobs said if Apple reaches 5%, he will officially crap his pants and auction it on eBay. It'll be INSANELY GREAT! Mainstream price point my ...!

Hey! Before you watch that YouTube video, get my GreaseMonkey script. It removes the comments section from the YouTube page. Why did I make the script? It is in my opinion that YouTube comments contain the most intellectually vapid material of probably any web site. More video, less noise.

H.O.T. Wheels
In the HOT WHEELS category, we have the following...

Pitbulls and bling are an optional accessories. Read more here if you must.

Al Gore / Global Warming
Another comedic moment in Nobel history, Al Gore is being nominated for a peace prize. The Nobel peace prize is turning into a joke. I am surprised Pac Man wasn't nominated for a peace prize in addition to Time Magazine man of the year (when it was called that). For the real facts on global warming, here are a couple of interesting links: Link 1. Link 2.

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