Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Landrieu's Wish List

I began to read this, but could only read about a third of it before I felt ill. Senator Mary "Rape the Treasury" Landrieu's early Christmas list.

Amazing what America is willing to pay for. As I read the list, there were many times I was asking "where is private insurance?" and "shouldn't the private sector handle this?"

It was mentioned on a radio show that at $250 BILLION, it works out to $500,000 per victim. (I believe the costs will be higher than that. Think Big Dig and Boston times 100.) It is a common belief the judicial system is America's new lottery system. Now it seems victimization is the new lottery. Suffer loss; get the big bucks!

Don't get me wrong. The federal government should help. The debate is at what point does the federal government begin to help and what should it actually be obligated to help with. Once these issues are decided, the third issue is who manages the money. Louisiana government is crooked and wasteful.

The backdrop to all of this is a hemorrhaging budget. President Bush refuses to re-examine pork spending in the highway bill. Rolling back tax cuts is not the answer. Tax cuts work, but FDR and LBJ style spending won't.

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