Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My current $.02 on VoIP services.

A friend recently asked me about VoIP service, thoughts, prices, etc. Here is what I wrote.

I pay about $22 after taxes. I use Lingo at www.lingo.com. Vonage is another big name. Both have a long list of features. Compare them. The only thing Vonage has that I wish Lingo would have is caller id name and number. Lingo is number only. I will be writing them asking about this. I like Lingo's advanced call forwarding. The do not call registries do a good job of keeping telemarketers out, but non-profits or businesses I already have an account with bug me. I setup a forward rule that says when their number comes in, send them to 555-555-5555. It has helped. :-)

I highly suggest you sign up for a service and take advantage of the free 30 day trial. If you want and can, forward your land line to the VoIP to get a real world test. Also, keep in mind that VoIP has only one entry point. It does not run to all the jacks in the house. Some people have rigged their houses to do it, but I use a expandable cordless system.

How is the quality? Initially, all the companies had problems ramping up. I am pleased now and have been for a while. If you don't like the quality of the connection, you can increase the bandwidth usage to 90kbps. Default is 30kbps, which is fine by me.

I pay around $75 for phone, basic cable, and cable internet after taxes. SBC has been running a $75 deal (pre-tax) for all three too with directtv as the TV service, but I like cable over DSL. TCP/IP will be the gateway for all home services. I look forward to technology like Verizon's FIOS in every home.

Lastly, buy an UPS system for your broadband modem, router, and VoIP just in case the power goes out. Lastly last, the FCC requires VoIP providers warn customers than emergency services like 911, not sure if all offer, will be down if your internet is down. Just FYI.

If you sign up for Lingo, make sure to put me as a referral, kamiller42. :-) Sign up directly or here's a nice deal...

I post this. It might be useful information for anyone else looking at VoIP. This FAQ at Broadband Report is useful too.

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