Thursday, October 20, 2005 2.0 Released!

Want a free full featured office suite with more applications than a standard Office install? Want an office suite those focuses on function over forever radically changing user interfaces? is a high quality free office suite that comes with a word processor, a presentation program, a drawing application (includes flow charting!), a spreadsheet, and a database. And as it has for a few versions now, all of the applications export to PDF. Presentation can even export to Flash.

Give it a try. It doesn't cost anything. Get it from

Sun also sells the commercial version called StarOffice, which is like, but comes with additional clip art, fonts, support, and better MS doc importing. (See this FAQ for more details.) StarOffice sells for only $70 a download. An entire office suite for a fraction more than the price of a video game. Read about StarOffice at Sun's site.

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