Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Democrats have an idea!!

I was excited when I first read the headline of this article discussing the democrats' idea for a roll out of broadband internet. Then I hit this line...

"The suggestion mirrors a proposal by President Bush last year but appears to be more modest."

Copycats. Well, not to be outdone by Bush's spending, they offer their own list of give aways...

"Among other goals Pelosi presented: granting scholarships aimed at producing 100,000 new scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the next four years; doubling research and development spending, and boosting tax incentives; seeking alternative-energy sources that lessen the nation's reliance on Middle East oil; and providing assistance to small businesses."

Spend, spend, spend. Is there no end?

And I found the closing paragraph an interesting read...

"Tech company executives have lamented what they have described as a declining U.S. educational system and a shortage of skilled U.S.-born workers. But the nation still retains the top spot in some areas of global competitiveness--namely the supercomputer realm."

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