Wednesday, November 02, 2005


What else could the PETA prez do?

The PETA president is auctioning herself, I mean her services. The auction ad asks what else the president could do if you were to win. The Register ran a funny article with some suggestions. Here they are...

Yes we do. A quick poll of the office included: mucking out rat cages at Huntingdon Life Sciences; acting as deckhand on a Japanese whaling ship; blowing up a terrier by attaching a firework to its tail (currently a UK favourite among alcopop-crazed teens who have not yet attracted the attention of an Asbo); actually fighting a bull at the Plaza de Toros in Madrid; throwing a blindfolded donkey from a church tower (another Spanish favourite - are there no depths to which the Dons will not sink in search of family entertainment?); fighting a fur-clad Naomi Campbell in the ethical fashion Arena of Death during London Fashion Week; and excising the word "veganize" from the dictionary so that all innocent, defenceless people are not made to suffer unnecessarily at the hands of cruel US amateur lexicographers.

I would hire her and just try to get it through her thick skull that PETA is an embarassment to the animal rights movement with their absurd behavior. No matter what good they do, it will always be outshone by PETA's incredibly stupid actions, such as trying to rename towns and such.
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