Thursday, December 29, 2005


Digital Photo Printing

We're in the middle of the holidays, and you probably took some digital pictures at Christmas and would like to print them out. You could deal with printing at home, but that requires the nozzle check tests, buying special paper, and calibrating everything to work just right. However...

I was going to buy my dad a photo printer. I changed my mind after reading Tom's Hardware report on the cost per page when printing at home. For 4x6's, there is no contest. You are better off using a printing service. Even as the costs get closer for larger prints, the convenience of not hassling with buying quality paper, quality ink, and unclogging clogged nozzles makes online printing services worth it.

Here is a web page which gives a nice run down on some online printing services. I'm leaning towards Wal-Mart's service. You can save on shipping and pick up at the store.

Here is CNET's summary page of online printing services.

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