Sunday, March 26, 2006


Michael Schiavo: Pimp Dat Book

Michael Schiavo says he never considered divorce because he wanted to stay true his marital vows, specifically "till death do us part." It's good husbands stay true to their marital vows. I wonder if Michael's devotion to his wife included starting a family with another woman. It could be Michael and Terri wrote their own vows, and it included infidelity. Umm, no.

I think husbands like Michael give marriage and fidelity a bad name. How can he claim to be keeping the wishes of his wife while running around with another woman?

The report raises a new issue I never heard about Terri's condition, blindness.
An autopsy determined Terri Schiavo suffered irreversible brain-damage and even blindness...

Blindness? First, they told us the video of her eyes following the balloon was reactive and not a conscious effort. Now they tell us that reactive behavior was done with blind eyes.

I guess none of this matters because some doctors declared her brain dead. I think the first couple of sentences in this report shows how wrong the "experts" can be.
Doctors pronounced Ethan Myers brain dead after a car accident dealt the 9-year-old a severe brain injury in 2002. After he miraculously awoke from a nearly month-long coma, doctors declared he would never again eat on his own, walk or talk.

The mind is adaptable by using previously unused portions of the brain, and there is plenty of empty space open for rent! God only knows where Terri would be today had Michael provided proper therapy to Terri. How can I question the devotion of a husband committed to see his wife till the end? :-\

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