Monday, June 12, 2006


Earn more money by keeping your money.

I follow three big slick deal web sites in addition to a hot deals forum. It doesn't take long to browse through what's on the wire and might result in saving some cash. This web log entry by the operator of states the value of finding the slick deal very well.

Frugality isn't about saving money just for the sake of saving. It's about spending a little bit of time researching in exchange for an increase in the quality of your life.

How does it increase quality life? Simple. By increasing the buying power of your dollars. These sites are fed by bargain hunters who find the right deal be it through a combination of coupons or not. They are well worth following.

I've been waiting to purchase HDTV. The offerings have been either more than I care to pay or less than stellar in features. This past weekend, Best Buy had an online sale on a TV I had been looking at the week prior, a 42" Westinghouse 1080p LCD monitor. At the time, it was selling for $2,000, $500 off MSRP. This past Saturday, it went on sale for $1,500 with free shipping! The extended warranty was also less because the sale price put the monitor in a lower tier on the warranty pricing scale. The bargain hunters saved me $500+!

In another story, I had been waiting to find a cellular plan than better fits my needs. For a while, the cell phone companies were aggressive in their offerings. To me, it seemed to slow. They started simply tacking on more minutes while not lowering prices. That doesn't help me. I already had plenty of minutes. Lower my monthly obligations. In the Anand Tech Hot Deals forum, I discovered the Sprint SERO plan, an employee referral program which offers a great cell plan. For two people, it lowered my cell phone bill $26/month!

Cheers to the bargain hunters!

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