Tuesday, June 13, 2006


LCD is king? Long live the king!

According to John Dvorak's latest article, LCDs rule the display market. This may very well be true given the versatility of the technology to be sold between home theater and the PC market. (Seen any DLP PC displays lately?) The line between HT and PC displays is blurring more and more. Sometimes I wonder if the retailers will drop the separate PC and HT display areas and create one new department called "Displays".

The advantage of at least one format dominating is to make it easier for consumers to decide which screen they want. Right now, it's a smorgasbord of technologies: LCD, DLP, OLED, Plasma, and maybe SED. Each has its strength and weaknesses, and your decision hinges knowing what they are in order to choose the best technology for you. AND THEN, after studying all of those formats, you have to research the strengths and weaknesses of TVs in the selected format. Whew! All this to watch re-runs the <sarcasm> hilarious comedy Dharma and Greg </sarcasm> in high definition.

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