Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Track the DVD Wars

The DVD Wars tracks Amazon offerings of HD DVD and Blu-Ray. It seems HD DVD has a good start out of the gate. I am surprised to see the average price of Blu-Ray being lower than HD DVD considering the HD DVD backers took shots at Blu-Ray's higher manufacturing costs. Hmm... My guess is the studios are charging a little more for some HD DVD titles because they give you the DVD version on the flip side of the disc. Sometimes I would rather not pay a little more to have two format versions.

High-Def Digest has their first head-to-head comparison between the two formats. They do this by comparing the same movies available on both formats. It looks like they give the edge to HD DVD.

I know both formats have had a rough start, but it seems Blu-Ray is having a little bit more of a difficult time. My format preference at this time is HD DVD. I like the fact HD DVD uses advanced video codecs. Sony insists on using the older MPEG2 standard. Another problem with Blu-Ray is Sony. Every Sony backed format has failed. Other than betamax, Sony's formats match or are inferior to existing standards.

In any case, Ricoh, please hurry up with your hybrid drive so I can upgrade my HTPC. :-D I recently watched the high def version of T2 (HD WMV on T2: Extreme Edition Bonus Disc) on my LCD. That's 1920x1080 video material. (Too bad WMV's audio was subpar.) Oh so lovely. Bring on the high def media!

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