Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Interesting Links of the Day

Second Transformer movie trailer released. The movie looks like it's coming along nicely. Should be a hit.

If you've been holding out on buying yourself an Italian super car, now is the time to buy. Maserati has your 2006 Quattroporte ready for delivery with special financing. Now all that is missing is a loud "Year End Clearance Event" commercial where potential new car buyers walk the showroom floor while red balloons fall on them.

Prepare to pay more for your corn. The incoming congress wants to increase ethanol use further. Ethanol, the new snake oil. The latest effort is by democrat senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota. No self-serving interests there. Eh?

Bollards are little poles that rise and lower into the street based on the vehicle that pulls up to it. They are usually reserved for municipal vehicles like buses, etc. Some people think they can tailgate these vehicles and get passed the bollards before they rise again. This video shows they can't. Very funny. Notice the bikes and motorcycle next to the street. They would have no problem passing the bollards. Source.

If that video isn't entertaining enough, look what happens when a fully loaded truck is sped into a bollard. Oh what destruction.

Here's an entertaining review of Microsoft's Zune. The hardware is nicely design, but it fails in just about every way software wise. Not that the hardware isn't capable of doing what it should; the software designers missed the mark.

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