Sunday, December 17, 2006


Trees Won't Save the Planet...

... if the planet actually needs saving. Finding the answer to the "global warming or not" question might be better approached by asking whether anything could be done if it exists. Recent research shows planting trees, a part of a proposed cure, would have an insignificant impact.

IMO, this seems obvious. It takes the vanity of humanity not to realize there are natural forces in our universe that have a greater impact on our atmosphere than anything we are doing. To counter these forces requires a force of equal or greater magnitude. The closest man has come to doing this is creating nuclear weapons. Hopefully we'll never have to see just how effective they are. However, we are told they would cause a global cooling, so there would be some good to come out of detonating them. ;-)

So I say, if you want to see more trees, make it a commodity. (Don't worry greenies. Many commodities are regulated.) TIMBER!!

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