Monday, August 13, 2007


Godspeed Karl Rove

Karl Rove

You're looking at the man most hated by the left. I know it's hard to imagine anyone being the "most hated" given they hate so many, but Karl Rove has often been the "hate du jour."

This is why it seems strange I post an excerpt of a very good satirical article on Rove. Why strange? Its source, the far left leaning Huffington Post. Maybe the left is trying to get a sense of humor.


Right from day one, Karl Rove cemented his link with the religious right, by being born on Dec 25, 1950, a day many on the right refer to as “Christmas," a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (an influential leader worshiped by the religious right.) It was no surprise that Dec 25, 1950 was ALSO the same EXACT day Communist forces recrossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. Clearly, Rove was already making an impact.

"This is what he does," says one observer.

Read the whole thing. My favorite line: "Yet, the coincidences were piling up the way coincidences do: in neatly stacked piles outside Rove's house of lies. A house bought and paid for by coincidences. And lies."

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