Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hollywood Environmental Hypocrisy ... Again.

Brad Pitt is working with an organization called Global Green. It should be obvious from their name what their mission is. Guess who the founder and chairman of this organization is? Hint: Partly reponsible for the Cheronbyl disaster coverup. If you guessed Mikhail Gorbachev, you're right! The man who brought you the Chernobyl disaster is now telling us how to live green. I wonder if he will begin his environmental crusade by cleaning up Pripyat in the Ukraine.

But this entry isn't about Mikhail, as amusing as that is. It's about Brad Pitt. He is pushing an effort in cooperation with Global Green to rebuild New Orleans and apparently that includes the really vulnerable areas. What do they intend to build? Environmentally friendly houses like this work of art.

You will have to take the Yahoo virtual tour to see an artist rendition of the finished product. It looks like two stacked mobiles with a side addition to me. The home also sits too low to the ground. You will have to lift the homes higher given the area is 10ft or so below sea level.

Did you know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased a home in New Orleans in Jan 07? They want to be a part of the rebuilding of New Orleans. Are they going to live in one of these eco-friendly homes? Of course not. They have a lovely $3.5 million 1830s mansion. I'm not sure if this photo is the mansion, but it claims to be one of their houses in New Orleans.

Not bad. I wonder if the walls of their home are made from seaweed.

In current times, we have been asked to put a lot of faith in science and accepting all of its offspring as facts. We must engage reason and intellect. Well, ok. Does any of that play a role in determining whether New Orleans should be rebuilt in the first place? An August 07 article in National Geographic examined this question. (I read the print version and have not verified the online version matches it exactly.) Other than the occasional global warming poppycock, the article is a very good and should be mandatory reading by everyone living in the New Orleans area. History shows the struggle to keep New Orleans afloat has been a long exercise in futility, corruption, and death.

The options for New Orleans are these:
1) Close down New Orleans. Give the French Quarters to Disney or the LA Department of Tourism. Move the ports up river.
2) Re-engineer New Orleans levees and water ways at tremendous cost and still have no level of complete certainty of the safety of New Orleans.

It's no surprise advocates for New Orleans choose option 2. New Orleans has a history and knack for mooching federal funds. (Read the National Geographic article for a small sampler.) If it's not the people, it's the government of Louisiana and New Orleans milking the U.S. taxpayers for their Money Pit project, the city of New Orleans.

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