Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Obama Supporters: Issues Matters

In an election season, a sure sign a voter does little to no research or discussion of the issues is when I hear the words "I wish the candidates would discuss the issues." I rarely hear those words in forums where people are sitting around the metaphorical kitchen table and are actually discussing the issues.

Of course, this past election was less about issues and more about the desire to feel like a participant in change. For most Obama supporters, Obama's suave personality was the issue of the campaign. This is purely non-scientific and based on my observation of comments heard and Brad Goodman like responses. The latest Zogby survey is scientific, and it illustrates Obama supporters are ignorant of issues that matter but know about issues that don't.

Here are the results of a Zogby survey of 512 Obama supporters around the nation.

Issues That Matter
Issues That Don't Matter
Overall, only 54% of the supporters answered 50% or more of the survey questions correctly. Only 2% score perfect or near-perfect scores.

There is clearly a divide between the informed and uninformed. The media takes an immense share of the blame, but their neglect of duty is not license for laziness or apathy or feel goodism. Time will tell if this blind vote was good or poisonous for America.

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