Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ego & Power Play

As I mentioned in my first post on Obamacare, Americans are going to get Obamacare whether they like it or not. The leader has spoken. He said at a rally in Minneapolis "They can't stop us!" There is no reason for debate. No calls for bipartisanship. No "uniter not divider" demands. His office and congressmen are an engine for change that is going to steam roll over any opposition. It's a new day in America. The president dictates policy.

His call for change is not about health care reform. True reform would be open to all ideas which improve health care in America. Obama is not open to all ideas; he only wants his own. And, he insists it has a public option. Obama is done with debate. He has made the choice for America and congress. Government will play a role in health care with a public option. He remains insistent on this point and with good reason. He's making a power play.

Obamacare is about putting government in the driver's seat. The citizens forfeit the power, and the government will take it. Obama wants to be the broker. He wants to be a piece of history like people talk about FDR and social security.

President Obama has turned a national issue into a personal issue. In Minneapolis and elsewhere, he shown a paranoia for his reputation. It's an old campaign trick. "They're out to get me." As the AP puts it, "The speech largely tracked the one days earlier on Capitol Hill, and he tore into opponents who he claimed were spreading rumors designed to scare people as they try to 'bring Obama down.'" Must this always be about you Mr. President? Is the job too much for you? Maybe. Every time it has challenged you, you blame your problems on someone else, like a conspiracy movement or "It's the previous administration's fault." Man up!

Obama, this isn't about what is good for you and your legacy. It's about the good of the nation.

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