Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Update: USPS & Blue States

This past week came with two major updates to posts I previously made here.

In my post about health care, I mentioned the government run company called the USPS is one of many examples of government failing to do what the private market can do better. The same will be true of health care.

News came out this week that the U.S. Postal Service is going to lose $8.5 billion and will be broke in 2011 without additional funding. Time for another bailout? And, this is after its massive losses in 2009. And we want these guys running health care? Why do we continue to reward failure, especially the paragon of failure - the U.S. government?

In an incomplete post, I alluded to the fact the blue states are a mess because of union dominance and liberal policies, and the red states are having to pick up the tab. The success of conservative principals in red state governments is changing the face of the U.S. population via migration from blue states to red states. An article has come out confirming my suspicions. I say to those moving into red states from blue states: "Welcome! Now leave any leftist ideologies you may still have at the border."

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